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Top Shelf's Supper Club Experience at Angelicas! Enjoy a dynamic show during dinner, followed by dancing to your favorite Classic Soul hits!

Top Shelf's Supper Club Experience! 
With unmatched versatility, various revues exist, from their signature 'Uptown Downtown Motown Madness' to 'Harlem Nights/Motown Lights'; each having audience members grooving to memorable R&B classics. We invite you to enjoy a narrated voyages from Vintage Crooners, to the early days of Motown, Staxx, Atlantic, all the way to the smooth soul sound of the '80s!

Celebrities - Contact us in Hercules, California, for more information about our New Year's Eve Party in San Francisco where you can enjoy dinner and dancing all night long.    


* Angelicas Fine Dining Supper Club*
863 Main Street, Redwood City, CA


Enjoy fine dining, live entertainment, a full bar, dance, and shows. Recently renovated from the sparkling chandeliers in the dining room, to the white marble-topped bar to the commissioned paintings from a Woodside artist lining the walls; the dinner club pays tribute to the charm of the 1930s.

Menu highlights include prime rib, as well as a lamb shank, macadamia nut brie and cheese appetizer, lunchtime crab sandwich and delicious desserts like a salted caramel cake and pumpkin cheesecake.

... the perfect setting for a Top Shelf Supper Club Experience! More…

Filled with theatrics, dancing and singing; the room transcends into a staged, choreographed production!

Top Shelf's Supper Club @
  • November 14th - Top Shelf
  •  $15 to $35pp
    (plus dinner or 2 drink/appetizer )