Top Shelf Classics! Party & Show Band!

Top Shelf Classics at the Fenix Supper Club! Dinner, Show, n' Dancing!

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Top Shelf's Supper Club Experience! 
 We invite you to enjoy a narrated voyages from Vintage Crooners, to the early days of Motown, Staxx, Atlantic, all the way to the smooth soul sound of today!

Celebrities - Contact us in Hercules, California, for more information about our New Year's Eve Party in San Francisco where you can enjoy dinner and dancing all night long.    

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* Fenix Supper Club*
919 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA


Saturday, July 15;  8:00pm


A supper club infused with beautiful acoustics and the best of local and international talent, Fenix blends a dash of community with exceptional food and drink. It is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s hottest clubs and a destination for all to see in historic, downtown San Rafael. Fenix is a masterpiece of intimate, live music and a sought-after location for accomplished musicians from all over the world.