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  • 04/22 - Club Fox, Redwood City, 8pm
  • 04/29 - Scottish Rite Theatre, San Francisco (private)
  • 04/29 - Claremont Hotel, Oakland (private)
  • 04/30 - Lauren Annette! A Musicial Voyage, Empress Theatre, Vallejo, 6pm
  • 05/14 - Sunset Dinner Cruise! Departing San Fancisco, 4pm ** Hot Seller!
  • 05/20 - Redwood City's 150th Celebration, Downtown Redwood City, 7pm

For additional dates or more detail, please use the calendar on the right!  In the meantime, early-bird tickets are available for Top Shelf's visit to Phoenix, Arizona!  New State, New friends!

In summary, Whether the event calls for a Black-Tie, chill-setting atmosphere *or* an interactive, smoking, up-tempo old school dance party, your special occasion will be a "one-of-a-kind"
'Top Shelf', Classic, Experience!

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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