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While dining, enjoy a dynamically staged tribute to
'The Voice' Whitney Houston

 Uniquely performed by reknowned vocalist Lauren Annette, it's destined to be a soulful, passionate, and definitely memorable journey!

Returning from DC for one appearance only! An unquestionably gifted and a versatile artist, Lauren's voice clearly brings back memories of such classic vocalists as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Billie Holiday; as well as hints of today's mega vocalists Chaka Kahn, Whitney Houston and, Mariah Carey.

Lauren, a Bay Area native, began singing professionally in 1991 as a background vocalists for legendary blues recording artist E.C. Scott. Lauren has since performed with Stevie Wonder, Howard Hewitt, The Whispers Orchestra, Sherrell, Alexander O’Neal, Patti Labelle, David Pack (lead vocalist of Ambrosia), Glenn Frey (lead vocalist of the Eagles), Kindred Family Soul, Case , Eric Roberson and the list continues to grow.

Having studied and followed Whitney for years, you'll soon agree; While there will be 'no frills, no additivies', the memory of one of the greatest entertainers of all time will be brought to you like none other. Prepare yourself for an elegant, high energy musical journey.

Lauren Annette, presented by Top Shelf Classics!